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Old Friends & More Memories
Most of the horses & ponies pictured below are gone but not forgotten.
Even though these horses weren't born on the Ranch, they still have a place in our hearts,
especially Smokey, who came to us as a 3-year-old in 1961 and spent all his remaining years here at The Ranch before he died at 40+ years old!
  Tony & Trish on Dinky with Mom spotting      
From left to right:
Tony & Tricia on Dinky, Jamie on Plumb Sugar, Jim on BossHoss  

Jim on Winsong     Rita on Paddy Murphy   
From left to right:
Jimmy on Winsong, Rita on Paddy Murphy (the horse formerly known as "Tennessee")

Rita on Mr. Fitz 1972, Lew on Fitz 1972, Rita on Fitz 1973 with Woofle

  Domino, the Wonder Horse at age 30
From left to right:
Jamie on Smokey, Doug showing off, Jim on Parade, Domino the Wonder Horse
For more information on our current herd visit Catskill Backyard Arabians