Town of Fremont
 Sullivan County, New York
About Fremont
“The Town of Fremont came into existence on November 1, 1851, by a resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Sullivan County. It was created by dividing the Town of Callicoon - the west half becoming Fremont.

The lands of Fremont were the last in the county to be opened up for settlement. There were no roads to it in any direction. It was accessible by the Delaware River and its first settlers came to it up the river.

Isaac Simmons, credited by Quinlan as the first settler in the town, settled at Hankins in 1780.

In addition to the settlement at Hankins, two other parts of the town were independently settled. One at Long Pond (now Tennanah Lake) and the other at Basket.” (reprinted from Sullivan County Democrat, November, 1951, with permission)

Since that time the town has managed to grow and flourish without losing its original beauty and tranquility. It has become a hide-away for the rich and famous, as well as playing host to international industry.

Home to such places as Acidalia, Basket, Buck Brook, Fremont Center, Hankins, Long Eddy, Mileses and Obernburg, Fremont boasts three recreational lakes -  Tennanah Lake, Lake Muskoday and Lake Anawanda - an 18-hole PGA golf course complete with clubhouse, restaurant and motel, an old-fashioned hotel, an organic restaurant, a monastery, several churches, several bed & breakfast establishments, a river-side campground and canoe livery, and an international abrasives manufacturing plant.

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