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Sullivan County, New York

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Fremont History

The Town of Fremont
By Charles S. Hick
(Reprinted from Sullivan County Democrat, Callicoon, N.Y., November 1951 - with permission)

Town’s Creation
Simmons First Settler
Sixteen in Misner Family
Erie Brings Real Estate Boom
Tannery Started in Fremont
Prominent Names Now Extinct
Taylor Builds Erie Station
Douglas City Records Preserved
Dam Built and Washed Away

Ponds Became Lakes
Tennanah Now Summer Resort

Fremont Thriving Community
G.A.R. Records Still Intact

Biggest Orchard in Sullivan
Nortons Prominent Family

Cooperative Creamery Movement
Doctors Licensed Without Exam

Obernburg Settlers Mostly Bavarians
“Dutchtown” Picnic Big Affair

Brewery Cellar Still Stands
Mileses Manufacturing Center

Mill Develops Dam Trouble
Apples By the Carload

Red Men Lodge at Mileses
Sliverville (Fernwood) Interesting

Rifle That Killed Sheriff Steele
O’Mearas First Irish Family

Chinchillas Local Product
Blue Stone Demand Wanes
Kenneys Come Here in 1889

Last of the Stone Men
Early Fremont Churches

Bibles Found in School
Finns Come to Fremont

“The Town of Fremont came into existence on November 1, 1851, by a resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Sullivan County. It was created by dividing the Town of Callicoon - the west half becoming Fremont.