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cheese cellar where the cheese was cured. About this time considerable milk was produced on the farm near Acidalia. Hoffmann transferred his cheese factory to Acidalia and built a new cheese cellar. George Hoffmann, still little more than a boy and small of stature too, continued as the chief cheese maker. There was a good demand for the Hoffmann cheese developed around around Sullivan County where John L. Hoffmann became salesman for the product.

Cooperative Creamery Movement

A cooperative movement that covered much of Sullivan County with cooperative creameries usually called Elgin creameries - one of which was built at Fremont Center, another near Long Eddy in Delaware County and two in Callicoon township - one at Gypsy Corners near North Branch and the other at Callicoon Center - took the milk from the cheese plants and the Fremont Center cheese factory went out of business. All the cooperative creameries failed. Actually their organization was promoted by a creamery equipment company that was interested in a sale of its machinery. The salesman made the cooperative creamery look very attractive to the dairy farmers, who in the end lost the money they invested. A similar cooperative promoted by a horse dealer sold a number of farmers in Fremont a registered Belgian stallion. It must be said that it did improve the horses that Fremont produced, but it was not a profit-making venture excepting to the man who sold the Belgian stallion at a price far above the market value of the horse.
The old store of Wm. F. A. Emrich was a typical country store and many a man went to visit it with no object other than to see the inside of it and view the man who ran it. Mr. Emrich, it must be said, was a man of character and competent, but he and his store looked the part history accords to the country store. The store remains today just as it was for many, many years, minus the goods on its shelves and the presence of the storekeeper who has passed on to his reward.

Doctors Licensed Without Exam

Dr. Smith, one of the last old time doctors, practiced at Fremont Center. Beginning in 1895, all doctors were licensed by the state. Those in practice at the time were automatically licensed without examination or without previous training in a medical school. Dr. Smith was one of these. Before this the usual training of a doctor consisted in working with another doctor. There were medical schools but attendance upon medical studies at college was not required by the law. Two other Fremont Center doctors listed in Sullivan Gazetteer were Henry Gould and Frank M. Swan. These must have preceded Dr. Smith.
Recently the newspapers carried an obituary of William Asimus, who spend his early manhood at Fremont Center where he wrote for the New York World, and one Sunday issue carried a four page story of a breach of promise law suit growing out of a case involving a Fremont man and a

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