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Fremont girl. The incidents were exaggerated and made to appear as humorous as possible. It is an incident of historic value that should be mentioned. Asimus rose to become the editor of a city daily in Connecticut.

Obernburg Settlers Mostly Bavarians

Obernburg, near the last border of the town, became the center of a group of German settlers, in the main members of the Catholic Church. Previous to the Obernburg settlement, the Catholics were served by a priest located at Ellenville. The Fremont Catholics found this service too infrequent - the priest reached the settlement not more than once a month - (usually less often), and petitioned the Bishop for a resident priest. Their request was granted and at Obernburg became the first Catholic Church in Sullivan County to have a resident priest. Rev. Joseph Roesch, an Austrian priest, was assigned to the Obernburg parish and served it over a period of more than twenty years. He left behind him many parish records very carefully written and complete in data that make them invaluable to anyone searching for the background of any family whose records are here. Quinlan lists Father Roesch as a Prussian, but a statement written by Father Roesch gives Austria as the country of his origin. The name Obernburg was given this community because it was the community in Bavaria from whence many of the early settlers came to America and on to Fremont. This was particularly true of the Deckelman family. Some few years ago Charles Denner, former Obernburg postmaster, made a trip to Germany one summer. He believed that Obernburg, Bavaria, should be on his itinerary. On his arrival at the hotel at Obernburg, Bavaria, he found the host to bear the name of Franz Deckelman and learned that the village’s mayor was named Wilhelm Deckelman. He was fully convinced that the Deckelman family still remained in part in Obernburg, Bavaria. Charles Denner delighted to tell the story after his return to Fremont, much to the delight of the Fremont Deckelmans. I haven’t learned if Mr. Denner received any special favors because he knew the Yankee Deckelmans.

“Dutchtown” Picnic Big Affair

No story of Obernburg would be complete without a mention of the so-called “Dutchtown” picnic. This was one of the biggest social affairs in Western Sullivan County. It was definitely a benefit affair, but it was patronized far and wide by everyone. The picnic was held in a grove west of the settlement on lands now owned by Anthony Tempel. Kitz owned it before Tempel. Originally the picnic was in the Kille grove near the brewery. The church built a dance platform in the grove here together with other buildings needed to serve food and drink and necessary plank seating around the needed tables which were picnic equipment selected to remain outside in the weather during the year.
I can remember going to this picnic once but that was when it was on the decline but even so it drew an immense crowd. My memory recalls the

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