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Bibles Found in School

Though for many years in Fremont township there were but two churches in the town, the schoolhouses served as churches. When I taught at Windfall I examined the books in the library one day to find that it contained fourteen copies of the Bible. Upon inquiry I learned these had belonged to a church organization once existing in the community. This was true in many of the one room schools in Fremont.
A very interesting bit of history in Fremont was the existence of a socialistic stronghold around Long Eddy. I can remember it but do not recall who the active party workers were. I remember that they were very active. In one town election the party had a candidate for supervisor in the person of James Hagadorn, an undertaker at Long Eddy. He was an intelligent man, made a good appearance and thoroughly convinced that Socialism was a sure cure for all our social, civic and economic ills. He must have been certain he could be elected supervisor and carefully canvassed the town, keeping a note book in his pocket in which he wrote each voterís name as he canvassed. After the name he wrote whether the particular voter was for or against him. This was in reply to the question he put point blank to each voter. When he had finished his canvass he concluded that he would get all but seven votes in the town, because only seven voters had told him they would not vote for him. When the votes were counted his total vote was seven and 307 votes were recorded for the other candidates. Hagadorn took his defeat in good spirits - a wiser man for the experience. His comment was that Fremont had 301 damn liars, for hadnít they said they were going to vote for him and hadnít

Finns Come To Fremont

The latest migration into the town of Fremont is that of natives of Finland. These Finnish men and women have been a definite asset to the town. Every one of them is a good worker, who is always anxious to do a good dayís work for his employer. These Finns brought with them from their native land the steam bath. These are seen in many places in the town. A Finnish steam bath as they exist in Fremont in a small building equipped with a place to build a hot fire. This fire heats stones. Water in poured on the hot stones to produce steam. A bather can move to a higher or lower level to accommodate himself.
The Finns are a most hospitable people and miss no opportunity to show their hospitality.
I had listed the old store that stands on the square at Fremont Center and find I havenít. Since it is a historic building I will say a few words about it. It was built by Buckley, the tanner, as a company store. A man named Charles Leicht followed Buckley. He was followed by Hoffmann Brothers - Charles and Ernest. Charles moved on to Hankins. Ernest eventually landed at Truxton, NY, where he is today. Frank S. Bury followed and remained until he built his own store. Since then it has had many uses but as a land mark it remains.
There are many family names I desired to mention in this brief history. Possibly at later date I will find in some of the spots that I missed.