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A Town Friend Lost
On May 1st, 2001, Obernburg lost a one and true friend to all who knew him. At 9:30 on this truly sad night, our friend's life was taken.  I myself have known no one like him. Whoever knew him always looked forward to seeing him. For some of us who lived in this little hamlet, it might have been once a week. For those of us who knew him well, he graced our presence every day.
For myself, I knew him almost six wonderful years. The whole time I knew him, there was never a time that he was not cheerful. Whether it be the way he looked at you or the way he smiled when he recognized your face. No matter what kind of day you were having, he always seemed to brighten it in his own special way.  
For all who knew him loved him, and I am sure that we will always miss him.
My good friend, Bear, I will love you and miss you always.
There will also be a lot of children in town who will also miss your gentle ways, and reassurance that not all things in life should be feared at first glance. I hope wherever you are there is someone with a pickup that will let you ride in back, and people who love you as much as we did.
Your loving family,

written by JJG